Where he has a patient showing a well-established complete fitula, he carefully dissects it with dosage a probe-pointed director, looking carefully for a branch or branches. Of - these organisms were of two kinds: one, mould, not identified, the other a motile bacillus, resembling in some respects the typhoid-bacillus of Eberth, but readily differentiated from it In two samples of the same water that had been obtamed from the spring in large vessels and transferred to soda-water tanks, in order that the water might be sold by the glass from the fountain, there had been contamination. We shall select "dose" some points here and there for consideration.

Cold - in susceptibility to phthisis, the power of resistance appears to be even more important than the power of infection, or in other word-", the prevention of loss of vitalitj' or energy is most important. Write to Do Not Be Deceived by Imitators POLK'S is the only complete Medical POLK'S is the only Medical Directory having an index to all physicians POLK'S has stood the crucial infection test of time with increasing popularity. Furthermore, when liver which has become active in alkaline medium usage by standing occurs when fresh liver is so treated, is not produced. From the very 200 first this measure met with persistent and determined opposition, particularly from the Roman Catholic members of that body.

The disease never teiminates fatally, unless some complication arises; on syrup the other hand, it is often difficult to cure, THEBAPETJTICS. It showed that normal plasma had become stimulating by adults the mere addition of a little sarcomatous extract. Price - hodder, of Toronto, who resorted to it in three cases moribund from Asiatic cholera, two that milk is not very unlike a product of natural digestion, viz., chyle; and"that in injecting it into the veins we are imitating Nature very closely." But at the same time Professor Thomas depends more for the support of his views, as to the value of intra-venous lacteal injections, upon the practical results obtained rather than upon their chemico-physiological bearings. Half-tones, zinc etchings and other illustrations will be furnished by the Jouhnal when photographs or drawings are supplied by the Advertising forms go to press eight days in advance of the date of issue (for). Every detail of the side technic must be directed toward the prevention of secondary hemorrhage. The occurrence of pain in Bell's palsy is, in fact, not difficult 250 to understand; it may readily be caused by the swelling of the trunk of the seventh and consequent involvement of the small fibers of the fifth with which the trunk of the seventh is doubtles supplied. Where the growth is small and benign, constitutional symptoms may be, and mg generally are, altogether absent; but where the tumour is so large as to interfere seriously with respiration, the system at large is likely to sympathise: in some of these cases there is irritative fever, whilst in others the constitutional symptoms are more those of hectic. The glomeruli persisted much longer than the tubular xp structures and the intertubular connective tissue was increased by a layer of fine connective tissue fibrils and spindle cells. A fetus between six and seven months and a large placenta was found The placenta exceedingly friable (liquid).


WITH THE To the 100 Editor of"The Philadelphia Medical JournaL" pneumonia of the right side.

Fact that all Cubans, as a rule, would fast before a coming fight, in order to avoid any food intestinal matter passing into the peritoneal cavity in case of a wound, may have had something to do with this case. A sloughing mass was found in the vagina, but an examination, made jpost mortem, proved that it was made up of connective tissue (use).

But no tab other tumours had arisen, and no enlarged hepatic glands could be felt anywhere.

From bronchitis, Asthma may be distinguished by its sudden access, and often equally sudden departure, by the absence of cold as a necessary cause, uses and frequently by the absence of expectoration and of moist sounds. May we not explain all other forms of asthma in the same manner? According to this view, to repeat again, an asthmatic is an individual wdio is sensitized to a definite substance and an asthmatic attack sets in every time this substance manages in some way to enter into the circulation of that individual (acne).

The author believes that strong solutions of bichloride of mercury not only have an antiseptic but produce an irritation and consequent hyperemia of the conjunctiva, facilitatiBg the disintegration and absorption of A Clinical Lecture on the Diagnosis and Treatment Some Practical Points in the Diagnosis and Operative Perforated Ulcer of the used Stomach. The case is briefly recorded here simply with the view of teaching its lessons general symptoms clearly pointed to brain tumor, which was diagnosticated by the Doctors effects Mitchell, who suggested operation. Produced constipation; general effect tablet negative.

This soon had to be repeated, and instructions were left with the nurse to meet 500 the pain, when severe, by the morphia.

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