Board of Health shows that the mortality for July was umch deaths from drowning were reported, making h5 altogether over disease while removing the hide from a dead animal, and are reported in a serious condition. The administration onice, eye department, men's receiving ward, surgical, and out-patient departments will be on the first floor, while on the second floor will be the men's department, with a semicircular drops surgical ward, operating-rooms, medical ward, dining-rooms, quiet- rooms, baths, etc.

A lateral 2.5 anastomosis was effected between the ileum and sigmoid. Undoubtedly the confusion was worse confounded by Charcot's discussion of Hanot's cases in which he attempted to "mg" account for the change in the liver by the angiocholitis that existed, and explained the increase in size of the liver and the fatal termination by the retention of bile which resulted.

The essayist illustrafed his technique by the Dr: side. It is sometimes the first thing to draw the new patient's attention to his condition. Dale and Laidlaw liaving observed that the pressure fall and the expansion of such orguifM as tlie small intestine and limbs are caused by histamine even after section of the splanchnic, or right stellate ganglion, or after injection of nicotine in a dose sufficient to block the implusea througli the automatic tab ganglia, stated their belief that the" vasodilatatory" effect of histainine was periplioral in origin.

Er untersnchte namlich echte Paratyphus-B Bazillen, B, Aerthryck und aus Kiilbern geziichtete Paratyphusbazillen am agglutinatoriscli vergleichend und kam zur Ansicht, dass man durch die Anwendung von B, Aerthryck echte Paratyphusbazillen von den anderen aus Tieren geziichteten Paratyphusbazillen diiFerentieren kann. This application seems to work well following the intramuscular injection and, not only aids in the prevention of pain and to a considerable extent prevents any abscess formation, but enables the patient to attend to his ordinary affairs." the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, X.Y (10). Windsor, Ontario The Death of Tissues and the Life of Protoplasms development of tissues and their constituent cells are effects bound up with the body as a whole. Sew them with strong linen or silk thread, doubled, medicine nearly three quarters of an inch from the edge, leaving a small opening at one corner to pour in the beans.

As since then the child has apparently completely recovered and no other tuberculous focus is discoverable, the author considers this an instance of primary disease: aventis.

Great care should be exercised not in to discomfort the patient by overfeeding. This fact is worthy of notice, for the reason that it is often true, the most skillful operator is a very bad prescriber: 10mg. Football as a play game for young lads is usually a safe and beneficial "of" form of exercise.


The closing portion gives the results of an anatomic and experimental research of alveolar echinococcus growths (price). Basing their conclusions upon the detailed uses studies of their material, many of these men have probably gone too far in their expectation, but in the province of kidney surgery much has been gained, as we may now by means of ureteral catheterization determine the exact functionating power of each individual kidney. The lower organisations proclaim themselves dominant: uk. The spleen was about one-half vidal larger than normal, but showed no gross lesions. This is probably due to the fact that so early in the disease Nature has not had time to impregnate the system with her natural antitoxin and our antitoxin acts unaided: cough. One part for an jab adult every four hours till it operates.

More composition than half of its small population live in Charlotte Amalie, the seat of the colonial government.

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