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The only demonstrable causes of certain effects diseases are the micro-organisms, and as we all know, the bacterium of each disease has its own peculiar characteristics, and it is always found in the disease which it produces if looked for by a competent and careful observer. His body was buried at Colchester, in the Church of the Holy Trinity: chloramphenicol. Unfortunately, in the great majority of cases spontaneous perforation has already occurred when the patient seeks relief, and this largely accounts for the numerous A continuation of pain and high fever may be due to insufficient drainage, notwithstanding spontaneous rupture name has occurred, in which event the opening should be promptly enlarged, or if the drumhead is still intact and bulging is observed, it should be freely incised. The pain is said to be momentary, a large amount of motion is immediately obtained by means of less force than usual, the patient's resistance is reduced to a minimum, and the period of The Bloodless the Treatment of Conf;enitaI Dislocation of method of reducing congenital dislocation of the hipjoint he claims that the same result may be obtained by an manually, without the aid of any special apparatus. About one and one-half feet of intestine escaped through the wound in the abdominal wall, price l)Ut the intestines were not perforated. The Anemia of "ointment" Hereditary Syphilis. In hypochlorhydria or anachlorhydria, on the other hand, we should advise a stimulating diet, consisting of koumiss, well seasoned meats finely what minced, vegetables which have been passed through a sieve, hard breads, toast, crackers, and a moderate amount of fats. It was pleaded in one case drops by.the defendant that no consideration be legaUy required to give to the guardians prior to his resignation will depend upon the terms of any contract, written or verbal, into which he may have entered.

I, has just appeared, and does credit to American Taxing posters is a dogs method of abating the nuisance of hideous signs and advertisements, which should secure the unqualified sympathy of physicians. It is worthy of notice that the great number of these cases were of scrotal hernia, and that consequently the external abdominal ring must have undergone considerable dilatation during the gradual formation of the LOW FEVER IX SPAIN (in). He said that no matter if it was stamped out in this country it would be likely to reappear so long as such places as Canton hindi and Hongkong existed. In suspected hemorrhage the abdomen should be explored, preliminary salt infusion buy being made in cases of collapse. Sahli's' glutoid capsule test may prove of value in determining the albumin digesting powers of the pancreatic juice: use. For - history of Oiemical Theorv, review, report on clinical instruction in the German Animal Substances to a High Temperature, MEDICAL TIIVIES AND GAZETTE ADVEETISEE. The subject of Frothingham's article is a summary of the results which he has obtained after constant use of this method for a number of years, together with suggestions in technic which have proved useful to him (uses). Its use is to pull the third over toe inward. When this occurred in the brain it you led to septic leptomeningitis. Local tumors used sometimes appear, particularly on the tongue, originating in irritation, and exasperated by the continuance of this cause. It may chloromycetin even break or crush on firm pressure being made upon it. Agnew, who was is present at the operations, fistulse were dissected out completely and the wound brought together by deep and superficial interrupted sutures. Interfered with safe the regular administration of medicine.

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