The danger is indubitably a real one; for measures that converted the university into a secondary school would cost more than they are worth.

Cases of Infectious Diseases reported to the Boston Board of Health for the week ending death-rate of the reported deaths for the week figures just issued by the health department of the city, the number of deaths from infectious sponding period of last year. GENERAL REMARKS WITH REPORT OF ATYPICAL Owing to the increasing influx of foreigners, especially those from the South of Europe, to our shores, the question of mushroom intoxication has come to be of somewhat greater importance than formerly. The Boston City Hospital Alumni Association held its twenty-fifth annual meeting and dinner on the evening of the day of celebration. Joseph Taber Johnson, of Washington, had successfully performed five cases by the Bantock method. But, on the other hand, it has not been educationally aggressive. When a person falls witli his hands outstretched to save himself the limb is not usually completely pronated; it is one half way between complete pronation and the mid-state between pronation and supination. Xo tendon reflexes could be obtained in the upper extremities. At times slight numbness has appeared in the fingers.

I have practiced medicine eight years and have not yet had a death where this treatment was used. There is quite an eruption in the mouth and also on the fauces. In heart and liver diseases there is often diarrhoea, while other persons, when run down, Diarrhoea may be acute or chronic. Anhydrous oxalic acid, allowing the tab oxalic acid to crystallize, pouring off the formic acid, and distilling. In the early days the same principles, incision and drainage, were applied to these diseases as to infection elsewhere. But people get very tired of following in those footsteps, which seem to lead no whither.


He believes that such a thing as ovarian pregnancy, if such a thing exists, must be due to certain peculiar conditions. At least, Cushny, among others, asserts that the secretion of the milk is not increased by pilocarpine. He had been a very strict disciplinarian, and tlie respect and afTection which I had for him had been mixed up with no small portion of fear. It was afterwards ascertained by physiologists that the respiration of the vapour of ether operates in a similar manner, symptoms, like those of intoxication, being followed by a temporary loss of sensibility. Sir Joseph Lister is reported to have made a speech at King's College, on his return from Berlin, in which lie said that within a month the world would be startled by two new discoveries. The utilization of their facilities for the training of internes and the upbuilding of the local profession is all the more necessary just because their effective organization results in shutting out the bulk of the local profession. Also, the classical experiments of Dr. The hospital administrator, whatever he be called, is forced and habituated to intervene if hospital physicians are irregular or otherwise neglectful in attendance; nurses assume enlarged responsibilities where the resident staff is composed of inexperienced transients. You may devote whole days and nights to study, and at the end of the year may not be aware that you have derived the smallest advantage from it. What had happened? The man od presenting himself at the baths had undergone, in the usual routine, a physical examination at the hands of the brilliant young physician in charge. The reasons for using them usually is that the patient may have some chronic valvular disease of the heart or of the lungs and also of the kidneys. In some cases the drug could be stopped in a few weeks. Definitive hs characteristics of a fibroma, chondroma, lipoma, etc., that is, which are not composed entirely of matttre fibrous tissue, cartilage, bone, etc.. The tumor itself does not show with rheumatoid arthritis, but is to be dis any symptoms of malignant degeneration, tinguished by the accompanying enlarge T'i.e third case belongs to the group of ment of the spleen and lymphatic glands, the rather rare"secondary formation" of a generally of moderate degree.

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