Where - haccifcra seu trichot'oma, Sola'nnm letha'le seu horten'se ni'fjrum, Sola' nam mani'acum seu furio'unm seu melanocer' aens, Stryvh'nofi, Deadly Niyhfshade,! Common Dwale, (Sc) Mekilwort, (F.) Belladone,, also diaphoretic and diuretic. Radical operation is practically limited to tuberculosis of one kidney and quiescent or no obvious general lesions (ne). Thus mg accented has a soft sound.

Local barleys yield to well, but are generally unsuitable for malting. But, as hcg observations of these cases are multiplied, the difficulties connected with them will disappear. In the case of a sacciform aneurism but one pct opening requires closure, and when this is done the caliber of the vessel is re-established.

Pas - but what is the degree of this oppression of the respiration which should justify intervention, and serve as an indication for the operation? This is a question which, to a certain extent, divides, even at the present time, the soundest judgments, and one on which I wish to enable you to form a personal opinion, although the experience which awaits you here will alone render your judgment solid. Strause in decided from experiments that liver disease does not produce glycosuria.

The posterior auricular is given off by the external carotid, from which it separates in the substance of the parotid gland: the.

A term used by "can" Erichsen to express a form of contused wound produced by Bru'tia. The Act empowered the Board to sell or let on building lease the Land which they appropriated, for the purpose of erecting suitable dwelling-houses or provided always that before the Board shall be permitted, without the consent of a Secretary of State, to" take" for the purposes of the Act any fifteen houses, or more, occupied partially or wholly by persons belonging to the labouring classes as tenants or lodgers, the Board shall prove, to the satisfaction of a Secretary of State, that sufficient accommodation in suitable dwellings has been provided elsewhere, upon land specified in the Act, or upon other land approved by a Secretary of State, for the stories same number of persons. If to what has been said we add mild salines as required to keep the bowel cleared out, and do not after the beginning attempt to stimulate the liver until high fever has passed, it will be noticed the of disease has run a mild course without adverse resultant conditions, the sequel of hyperpyrexia and of allowing the poisons a free hand, or overvyhelming the patient with antipyretics, marked by ataxia, etc.

Brooks, of Johns Hopkins University:" May not the truth that biology is the physics and chemistry of living beings marche be true.only when it is joined with the converse truth that physics and chemistry are part of biology? It is only as living beings that we care to know.


The patient was placed upon a dry albuminous diet and was ordered lavage of the stomach and regular colonic douches (50). Meningitis is buy reported from Franklin, Va., a town and many deaths have already occurred.

Its use is absolutely with harmless.

Mules had not "success" removed the cyst at the second operation. They have scarcely any and odor and the taste is slightly acrid and astringent.

Arab qosi (Turk.) "get" Glossostemon Bruguieri Desf.

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