La Tourette has been appointed physician-in-chief to the exhibit of objects illustrating the progress of medicine and was not a medical doctor, but one of his sayings was worthy of such an one.


The Eustachian canal becomes occluded from inflammatory swelling, and exudation accumulates in the cavity of the tympanum: hat. It "'distenil'" may he necessarj- to remove a piece of the, if it be very much thickened aud di.storted, but it is a good rule to take nothing away that will be likely to live. In Asiatic cholera the causative agency of Koch's bacillus has now been pretty generally accepted, and it is believed that this microbe is received into the mouth and acts as a source of irritation to the intestines tab by its actual presence, and not by causing decomposition of food. An increase in the ventricular fluid uses content is also not infrequent, with consequent dilatation of the ventricular spaces. Voltaic, non-caustic currents of great strength "is" are apparently harmless, but further study is needed to confirm For application, upon.

As an exception to this rule we endeavors to suppress it.

A small circumscribed area of non-suppurative inflammatory softening existed beneath the bone-opening (medicine).

Abdominal symptoms should be carefully looked for and intestinal paresis avoided by regular evacuation, proper diet and an antiseptic tablet as salol.

Worthington recommends' the systematic use of the waters of Vichy, Marienbad, Carlsbad, or the Ems. From what has just been said, one would seem to be justified in regarding the disease not as a specific j)athological entity, but rather as a severe form of stomatitis which may be produced by a variety of The clinica?l course of the affection is nevertheless a very characteristic one. Cutting the side internal oblique weakens the canal and increases the danger of relapse.

Zenker and von Ziemssen admit that the pulsion diverticula may proceed from congenital malformations. The attacks of pain would last from five to fifteen minutes; they have increased in frequency and severity, so that at the present time he has from three to four attacks during the twenty-four hours. These matters are tablets all editorially discussed, but the contributed articles deal with a wide range of topics not less interesting to the reader who cares to follow the day's news with intelligence. This, it seems to me, points very strongly to the inference that the growth of facial hair in women is analogous to what occurs in men, that is, it begins at about the age of puberty and during early womanhood. If his mistakes in writing are corrected for him, he does not recognize it, but accepts it by saying" Don't," or" Don't know," or" All The patient has no difficulty propositionizing or thinking in speech. The signs of compression can hardly appear as quickly as in the case of a fracture, and in many cases some hours or days elapse before serious impairment of function is noticed. These irritative symptoms are soon followed by others of paralysis and anaesthesia, but these are, as a rule, never complete. We therefore hope that both these bills will become law, and if the Pension E.xamining Surgeons of the county interest themselves in the matter there is little doubt that what this will be the case. Another painful eccentricity of water when it freezes is that, instead of contracting still more in its change from liquid to solid, it has the truly exasperating quality of expanding one-eleventh of its bulk, bringing destruction and ruin thereby into all our houses by burst pipes and boilers. I have recommended it for many patients, and to physicians, who have, so far as I Seller's Tablets (alkaline and antiseptic) i-ii With a simple hand atomizer spray nostrils and throat every hour to two or three hours, compressing the bulb from four to six times, and inhaling deeply the inspired vapor. Elsewhere two knuckles of bowel were bound together by inflammatory The great interest in the case lies in two particular cuts. Often they are lost or do not pass into the possession of those most interested, the owners of the properties concerned; and a vast amount of time is lost, property destroyed, and mistakes committed, in delving and searching for hidden drains: buy. I always feel sorry for a boy with his first case because he always gets it from a lady and generally one whom he thinks would not let any man touch use her much less treat her so. The urine was acid except when cocci "of" and Proteus were present, and hyperacid with B. Uk - on the same hand there were many others, and likewise on the opposite hand.

The presence of the calculi in the cystic duct and gall-bladder made this a point of lessened resistance.

For this reason hemorrhages occurring from the very small vessels are not of much import, and pass unnoticed by either jjhysician or patient. One perforation near the effects point of exit.

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