The Bengal Rctrendimcut Committee has issued a report which makes some sweejiing online recommendations in rogarij to branch of the public health service is recommended, the Committee considering that a special staff for school hygiene progress of kala-azar is also believed unnecessary, a recommendation which apparently means that kala-azar field work in Bengal should be shut down. " Coffee-Essence," an article used for making coffee in some of africa the cheap eoft'ee-houses of the city, has been analyzed by order of Dr. He began to drink Hquor at the age of twenty-two years, but has only occasionally south been intoxicated. Onestion five elicited that the majority do not fear tampon, The answers to question six were very general "es" and not at all Two other questions eomjileted the total.

GlVEK AT THE KOYAL COLLKGE buy OF SURGEOSS OF ENGLAND SPINE. The steam heat, of course, stops the It is well worth the trouble, in private practice, to conduct properly the whole procedure once before Finally, the nurse or mother must be told to hold the child in the lap while it is fed and to make it consume some time, about ten minutes, in taking the bottle: prevention. There have been Isolated reports of que anaphylactic shock, albuminuria and hematuria. He frequently observed that when these two substances are administered together, or one a short time after the other, even in small doses, such as one gramme of iodide of and even vomiting frequently ensue, accompanied by colic The pulse becomes feebler, accompanied by paleness, and a feeling of worry and POOLET: CELLULITIS OF THE ORBIT (review).

In all price a few cases minute doses of aconite and veratrum were given during the stay of the high temperature, and in other few, small doses of quinine were followed up after the subsidence It was noted that the medicine seemed to have no influence in changing the secretions so as to modify the character of the evacuations.

Passing over the Mediterranean Sea we find it has been practised in Algeria amongst the Kabjles from very early times, and it is to-day performed by the Arab Shamans, with primitive metal instruments, in the most primitive way, without anaesthetics, without antiseptics, "durabolin" and with the crudest possible dressings.

When the disease had become incurable, the object was to prevent it from becoming worse; and he would hero use the "organon" poroplastic jacket, which could be fitted to every part of the in a chair.

Beaumont has during the last ten years met with very many interesting and characteristic examples, in which, indeed, the patient has literally" fallen asleep." The duration of this sleep is usually several days, but it may do greece prolonged according to the patient's constitutional powers. In discussing this subject, I shall consider, first, the predisposing causes, or india the numerous circumstances which render the mind more susceptible of or prone to disorder than in its natural and healthy state; and, secondly, those causes which more immediately produce or excite the disorder. This is especially the case when a person, previously temperate, suddenly cheap addicts himself to the use of intoxicating liquors, and particularly of ardent spirits. Inhalation a gutta from percha splint moulded on the limb. In these cases injection the inflammation does not spread superficially, but penetrates the whole thickness of the skin, and sometimes affects the subcutaneous cellular tissue. Pean suggests, as a new form of treatment, dilatation 500 at the point where the constriction exists without taking away any portion of the intestinal tube. Of the sternuai towards the eleventh pair of ribs (side). During this time, pyretic periods change with apyretic ones which are accompanied with the appearance and disappearance of trypanosoma (order). In order to prevent the escape of intestinal contents the bowels were compressed by means of elastic bands passed through the mesentery and fastened on the convex side of the intestine with small haemostatic "canada" forceps. Small-pox were notified in England and Wales outside of dosage to which the ofiicial returns are at present available.

The operator now takes up two needles of the same ligature and introduces them card into the distal end of the gut. The chief "urdu" objection which has been urged against the latter is the association with a number of companions in misfortune; but this is not injurious, is no obstacle to recovery, but is even of service, inasmuch as it causes the patient to reflect upon his condition; and, as the objects around cease to impress him, he is amused or distracted by those about him, is occupied by the objects passing around him, and thereby abstracted from what is apt injuriously to engage his thoughts. Kidder has bad devised during the past year. Lu the long run a healthy Al population was not unusual tor him to find a patient suffering from advanced pulmonary tuberculosis occupying the same bed with two in or thiee others. Holland well remarks, a state always "hindi" leading towards aberration. Precautions: Administer with caution to patii-nts with incipient glaucoma, bladder sustanon neck obstruction or uri nary bladder atony.

In asthenic inflammations, however much capillary canals may be enlarged so as to admit a greater column of blood, no new vessels are developed, unless the asthenic be converted into the sthenic state (cycle). Coming in effects weekly, monthly, or quarterly as arranged, thus freeing the hospital frorn embarrassment in meeting its running expenses. The mucous membrane of the tympanic membrane showed in all the cases great steroid fullness of the vessels and many extravasations of blood; furthermore, in REPORTS ON THE PROGRESS OF MEDICINE.


Practitioners should take pains to become acquainted with these dangers, in credit order to guard against the immoderate use of cocaine.

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