"Anthrax spores of moderate resisting power (killed in three minutes by flowing steam), dried on silk threads, were destroyed in fifteen to thirty'' Putrid fluids and faeces were ver)' quickly disinfected by the addition of chloride of lime. His bowels have been inclined to be costive since last August.

Since, however, the nurse informs me, this disappeared, and she left well. InsuSlation was again followed by escape of gas, demonstrating that the perforation was below this point. Extends over two semesters of four months each and no applicant is accepted for less than the full period. The experience of Wisconsin in this respect is not exceptional. It is the medium of communication between the mother and foal, its office being to supply necessary nutrient to the fetus. Gastralgia and dyspepsia resist for a very short time only the action of these waters, which we take internally.


Sutures were removed at the end of eight days, and in three weeks the patient was discharged cured. The average daily number under treatment has been twenty-two, and at the close of the year there were four more patients on the wards for men than the number of beds, cots in the day-rooms being utilized. Questions involving the capacity or incapacity of inebriates can never be determined by any metaphysical theory of mind or morals. In the absence of the State Bacteriologist, due to some exigency in the 400 Public Health, the State work is immediately transferred to this laboratory, and is carried on without any interruption.

He not only walked, but ran, showing That is pretty good walking, gentlemen. There is no focus of infection." showed any albumin, casts, sugar, red blood cells or white blood cells.

Instead of this condition, however, a circumscribed area of emphysema was caused by a continuation of the insufflation, which, with the absence of a free tympanites and the escape of gas at the wound of exit, I regarded as a positive evidence that penetration had not occurred. The lower lobe use is wholly solid and airless save for a small area on the anterior surface which crepitates slightly. Less frequently the extremities or abdominal organs are involved. He had been in ill health for eighteen months, and was treated in Chicago and other cities by many men of whom our profession is proud. Editor Medical and Surgical Eeporter: An interesting case has lately occurred in my practice, which may be worth relating. Indeed, it gives us the key to the wonderful progress of our republican institutions. The thalamus likewise, receives numerous sensory fibres so that, like in man it is a great sensory station. We will find ourselves to-day carelessly and without pronounced objection, submitting ourselves and our families to be transported about this country night after night, in the upper and lower berthed sectional sleeping-cars. It is a fact, that thousands are now trying the new remedy in this country, while at the German Congress for internal medicine, held at Wiesbaden in the middle of April, in which eminent men discussed the treatment of pulmonary phthisis, the new French method was not even mentioned. A refractory state is readily induced, and, in mg general, sensitization due to bacterial proteins obeys the same laws as does sensitization due to any other protein. The fistula gradually closed up, so that at the time of her discharge from the hospital, there was only (sometimes at intervals of several days) a slight discharge of flatus.

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