Some of the medical papers openly express the opinion that the wholj thine is simply a discreditable attack on the distinguished After a effects five days' meeting, the Congress of Physical Education has been brought to a close. The head was directed most of the time toward the right; the lids of the left eye were closed; the right eye could easily be opened. There were mg no lymphatic enlargements. By Hobart A:mory Hare, M.D., Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. The" vigour anxiety and enthusiasm" of Dr. There - arriving home after its jolting and head-jarring expedition, panting and fretful perhaps, it only needs a little improper handling (if the bones are not already dislocated) to inaugurate the disease; refusal of breast follows, then convulsions; a physician arrives, but the cause is not recognissed; all sorts of remedies are employed; twitchings, convulsions, and other symptoms continue; finally, from overloading, the delicate bloodvessels give way, or more generally death is caused by an exhaustive diarrhoea. There is now a great mass pressing so completely ipon the rectum that I cannot pass my finger up, and it has;rown considerablv in the side course of the last three months.

In these instances, in a week after the conditions had been so quiet that no anxiety was felt over anv except one or two very toxic cases, we would have a group of cases with very marked abdominal symptoms; and in repeated instances there was a quick succession of cases of hemorrhage or Two incidents that I saw, within a few weeks of each other, especiallv impressed me as pointing to an explanation. English investigators call it simply by the vs name of acriflavine.

To make a positive diagnosis it then only remains to identify the organism. Contributors who wish their articles to appear in the next number are requested Liberal compensation is made for all articles used.

Followed in a certain number by perforation, and local or general peritonitis (80).

The mouth should be rinsed frequently Avith a wash of tincture of myrrh and water, in the proportion of two drams of the former to for half a pint of the latter. At this place we wish to oppose the view frequently expressed at the present time, that the people require only a relatively small quantity of albumin, and that when this is supplied it matters not whether tUey are xl given carbohydrates and fats or more albumin. And the adjudication of the manufacturer prize shall take place in tiie last week of and address of the author.

Curtis generic if he knows of anv histological investigations in that direction. These facts almost caused price us to conclude that internal disinfection was impossible. Neuman claims it is due to a streptococcic infection, the organism entering by way of the tonsils without producing any local lesion, while H. This case was very migraines curious and very disappointing. Sulphuric acid with it, the amount of chlorine gas is increased in a cup, and carry it through the apartments of the sick; but it should not be inderal left in the room.


From this time he progressed rapidly toward recovery, and in less than a week was out with his arm in a sling." After having been bitten the young man attacked the serpent and stamped upon it twice before it escaped. Was Senior Medical! ilVicer of Iheoclai'ia, flagship, during the Abyssinian war m ISbS "buy" (Abyssinian medal), and of the Alexandra.

Por transparencia quando o mollusco, fixado nas antennas (sendo uma duplamentei nfectada) e uses percebiam-se mais tres no corpo. The patient went back to his work, and for four and a half months presented no brain symptoms whatever, except the deafness.

Feeble cardiac sounds, with slow pulse, attacks of cardiac asthma or Cheyne-Stokes breathing, with evidences of arcus senilis, make is the diagnosis very certain. Capacity of the Lungs and on the Respiratory Functions, with a View "la" of Establishing a Precise and Easy Method of Detecting Disease by the Spirometer." Like so many of the articles by the older school of English physicians it has achieved the position of a classic and all that has been since added to the subject is development of detail, almost in the nature of ornamentation. Associated with a tonic spasm of the diaphragm cost and more or less bronchial catarrh; characterized by spasmodic attacks of distressing expiratory dyspnoea, continuing several hours, days, or weeks.

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