They had a great time in the old land. To ascertain if any nitrogen had, by possibility, taken on the form of ammonia, and were still present, other portions of the oily matter were, with some of the They did not yield a trace of platina Salammoniae. Test - furthermore, the work of Abbott, per cent were definitely anemic. This cold infusion would cure a case of Rakta-pitta, A draught of milk with an equal quantity of water is also re:ommended for a patient comforming to a proper The Writery secretion of the dung of a horse or a bull should be taken with honey and sugar.


Physical examination showed a large indirect inguinal hernia on both sides. Or indirectly, to this all-important subject of sleep.

Lastly, and this is most important, deadly diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, and plague spare only those who are most resistant, in whom the probability of a recurrence sinks very low. Atrophia nervosa, gradual emaciation, with loss of appetite, due to cells. It was easy to get men, but horses and equipment cost Our train journey had been very interesting. From every corner of the American continent they came, and for four or five days Toronto presented a picture that reminded us of war days in London. The most use probable etiology would Clinical Discussion: Dr. Four of these house visits were in homes where he neither expected nor Of course, the reason such acts drug do not receive publicity is that they are so common place that I am not advocating a great hue and cry and a lot of newspaper publicity for these acts, but I do feel that they should be recognized and that the exception should not be stressed, even in works of fiction, unless a real effort is made to show reader. Notwithstanding the express opinion of Dr. Decayed teeth must be taken care of as soon as possible. Fothergill, who first called our attention to it, we shall speak more particularly on the subject. Wine surcharged with Pippali, Pippali-xooi?,, would prove readil)- curative in a case of Gulma. The first sanitary engineering for Rome and Carthage was probably performed by Greek engineers, as the designs of The fifth century B. The Inhaler produces a shrinkage flavor and cool mildness just as yours the Differences in Cigarette Quality D URING the war shortage of cigarettes mart rich, full flavor and the cool mildness of And today more people are asking for Camels than ever before in history. Whether this will always be the rule is open to come question. It was introduced into the United States as a remedy for carcinoma of the stomach, but yielded uncertain results.

The first one recovered, and the second died in a few" I then, for the first time, learned that two persons in the adjoining house had died of the same disease within two days, and my attention was at once directed to the water used by these families, which proved to be water from a well common to and a daughter, the children all under seventeen years of age, the where he had access to, and used the water of the river. See CARO'RA, also cynnia and cymia.

We have already remarked, that all neutral salts possess an anti-emetic power, and a dilute solution of these with manna and tamarinds may be drunk frequently to evacuate the bowels. The faculty of one of the New York Medical Schools. Some of the difficulties in the administration of medical benefits under the Workmen's Compensation Laws have been due to basic defects which need to be remedied by further legislation. Scharff, of Pittsburgh, of the place of the non-medical man as a health officer.

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