When a half day's battle sends to a hundred copacabana physicians in the field hosjiitals six or seven thousand wounded at a time, could they evert place so much as a single ct)mpress and bandage upon each wound? Much less could they perform upon each the operations indicated by" To supply this want there was created, in the Crimea, a class of attendants of subordinate grade, who rendered very important services. Harrison was Holt's, with some special adaptations hotel which had been made by Messrs. They say that by this simple and rapid method, if it is systematically and thoroughly carried out, tubercle bacilli will surely be found if the patient has tuberculosis, and that it may serve as an early means of A Note on Some Further Uses for Picric Acid: vuelos. Arsenic, especially in the form of Donovan's solution, has long been known as a useful accessory drug in the treatment of syphilis: abana. Everything that comes within reach of the child is de put into the mouth. Quito - the most probable explanation of the Argyll Robertson pupils in this case is that it was due to irritation of the centre for contraction of the pupil in the floor of the aqueduct at the level of the anterior corpora quadrigeniina. John Arbuthnot was one of the most distinguished men:n the reign of Queen Anne, but his reputation was acquired from his literary works pasajes rather than those on medicine, which are hardly above mediocrity. If the surgeon is a believer in long operations, the patient will lose much of his natural la resistance, and will not be prepared to react quickly from the effects of the operation. Terebin'thinse et ovo'rum avion vitel'li, Sim'ple diges'tive a little of the Acetate of copper.

In the cases of contrestivc chill, rapid and strong; stimulation seemed a little whiskey or brandy, three or four times a day, would oftet produce at acapulco once a most gratifying improvement. Commercial cocaine is often contaminated with isoatropyl cocaine, a cardiac depressant of great power, and undoubtedly the cause of the numerous deaths ascribed to cocaine in the early baratos days of its use. Miami - royal letter to the Church of Rochester to grant to him and Lady Marlborough, Ashe (Ann), youngest dau. However, since we have adopted the intravenous method as a routine procedure, the percentage of cases that have remained positive after one or two intravenous injections is smaller than with our first series of cases: vuelta. Respiration was ala very painful nl An anti fermentative, such as resorcin or "cuba" salol, may be combined with the calomel if required. In a typical case of this "habana-madrid" form of deafness, the Eustachian tube was perfectly pervious.

SERRE-ARTERE, (serrer,'to press,' and SERRE-COU (F.) (serrer,'to press,' and cou,' the neck.') An instrument, invented ijy Chabert, for compressing the jugular vein, in bleeding from that vessel (barato). In case a double infection is demonstrated microscopically, precios the invader that has the upper hand in the infection usually reflects upon the behavior of the cerebrospinal fluid with the Fehling's solution; if it is the tubercle bacillus it will reduce, if it is another organism it will not. Typhoid fever is the curse of many a new district, and especially of recently discovered gold fields (ofertas). The great epidemics that formerly ravaged the world and consumed their hosts of victims, until there scarcely remained any victims to be consumed, are either obliterated or limited to those communities in which there is unwillingness or inability to make "madrid" use of those means that medical science has found potent for their destrtiction. If we are not so esteemed and respected, what is the cause? Does it rest in ourselves? I can but fear that to some extent this is the case; we have a censorious public to deal with, and, being in a measure their servants, we cannot throw them off; for, although they are not independent of us, still we are dependent upon ida them; there is mutual dependence, and satisfactorily to do our duty. To illustrate this last proposition, I might refer to the Registrar-General's Abstract, where we find that deaths registered en under the head of" Causes ill-defined or not specified" have fallen steadily observations tabulated is as essential to the value of statistics for scientific purposes as the capacity and trustworthiness of the reporters.

This order was, with the Coloncrs usual promptness, executed at once under the burning sun of iniiiday, the men, in marching from the river bank back to the levee, being obliged to wade through mud fiyat and water to their armpits. DE Berdt Hovell (London), in seconding the amendment, said he desired that some institution should be retained in the profession to acquaint its members with the uses and properties of alojamiento drugs, ia which doctors of medicine were frequently egregiously ignorant. The people who speak thus not only ignore the viajes first elements of the science which they judge with so much severity, but for the most part only judge it in that manner, because they ask more of it than it declares itself to be in a condition to give.


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