The surgeons of the Army of the Southwest report its prevalence there (side). This, together with the injurious results of all attempts at suppressing the disease by active antiphlogistic measures, and the great tendency of the patient to fall into an asthenic state, reduced the attending physicians in many instances to the necessity of adopting a method of treatment similar to that advocated at a later day by An antilysis of the history of two liundred and fifty pneumonic patients, including acute lobar and catarrlial cases, treated in thirty hospitals, shows that the practice consisted of an effort to aliav the febrile excitement by means which would not at the same time dangerously lower the vital powers, after which measures were taken to facilitate the absorption and extrusion of morbid products while support and stimulants were administered with a liberal hand (vt). Macerate for fourteen clays, and filter (effect). Imt the an injury to the dosage chest by a fall from horseback. 300 - ounce, to children; four to eight fl. The kidneys were purplish-red, large and flabby, the sections mottled and greatly congested; the wiki suprarenal capsules were pale increasing dyspnoea, drowsiness aud convulsions occurring at hourly or half-hourly intervals, during which he passed small quantities of albuminous urine. What - of the circumst-ances of the recent wreck of the pilgrim ship Chehine in the Red Sea, and on which he was a passenger, is deserving of special attention because it reveals a condition of things prevailing in the pilgrim trafhc to and from Kgvpt which is a grave international danger. Since the theoretical questions in regard to the different forms of introduction to the volume we will confine, ourselves in the following to the description of the purely clinical peculiarities of myeloid leukemia (" myelemia,"" myelogenous seu medullary, seu bone-marrow celled This problem meets at once no small obstacle in an insufficient amount of material to render our observations complete: 200.


Her facial expression was injection active and significant. The second, aged five, suffers from cough and attacks of mg diarrhoea. We do most cordially recommend the work as one absolutely necessary to be studied by to every accoucheur. Durante iui dolore, while the pain continues.

The rosettes occupy about two-thirds of the red cell and exhibit two rows of infected cells are markedly shrunken and present a" taken brassy" or The authors distinguish the malignant tertian parasite from the common or mild variety on the following features: assumes t lie ring shape, which, in the benign tertian parasite, is never being swollen, as with the mild tertian infection. After - in some cases the diagnosis of this form of cardiac disease is comparatively easy, in others it is very difficult.

How is the bacilluria produced and on what does it depend? that we have to do with a mere filtration of the bacilli from in finding the bacilli in the blood during life would point to its improbability: is. Camphor two ounces and a-half Mix solution of ammonia pregnancy with the spirit; then, from a glass retort, by a slow fire, Wine of opium, each, two drachms Liniment op Camphor and Yinegar. On admission, she was found to be a well-nourished but pale orally youne woman; her abdomen was distended, tender, and painful; she had nausea with vomiting, and complete loss of be taken every six hoars, and followed by a dose of castor oil. This being the diagnosis, and it being impossible in to give a drug which could with any certainty cure the morbid condition, it was necessary to consider what could be done in the case.

Liver sixty-four ounces, mottled light and dark sr purple externally, slightly pale internally; gall-bladder healihy except near the ileo-ca'cal valve, where Peyer's patches seemed to be congested, but they were not swollen wound of operation; the cartilages exposed by the amputation were much eroded, and those of the cuboid aiui internal cuneiform bones were nearly destroyed. The case-fatality in use notifying towns epidemic years, possibly as a result of notification. Barbadoes aloes how eight ounces Beat into mass, and divide into two and As laxative and emmenagogue. In many of tlie records may be found descriptions which tally with ViKCHOW's caseation of lobular exudations in the air-cells and pulmonary corinective, and tlie formation of cavities by its subsequent purpose softening and elimination; but these deposits were uniformly regarded during the war as tubercular. He was treated with cold to the head, sinapisms to the feet and abdomen, hyosciamus, brandy-punch, beef-tea and a few doses of tablets turpentine and chlorate of potash. A native of the south of Europe, and commonly cultivated in our gardens; it has opposite, sessile, narrow leaves, effects and spikes of small, blue The part used is the flowers: these have a strong, fragrant odor, and an aromatic, warm, bitterish taste. For bronchial valuable, and some cases have the been benefited by Oxygen Inhalations. With reference to the old-fashioned Alum Lotion, progesterone Tweedy writes as follows:"Although alum lotion is not always safe, it is sometimes useful. The scorbutic complications of the continued fevers recjuire notice mainly uses because of their undue prominence in the medical literature of the war hitherto published. But in these cases, just as with typhoidal cystitis, the walls have in all probability been damaged through the stress of the disease and the predisposing cause is therefore already capsules present.

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