Used as a laxative, a ta;niacide, and in bladder troubles. As soon as the condition of the stomach will allow, small doses of calomel or of a saline should be given and frequently repeated. In consequence breakdown is frequent, the patients being found to suffer from gradual loss of power to fly high, associated in addition to frequent psychological manifestations in varying degrees with particular symptoms of cardiac and nervous derangement, like those of quickened pulse rate, increased pulse pressure, splashing stomach, nervous tremor of fingers and eyelids, or poor It is therefore a point of the greatest medical importance that in the incipient stages of breakdown, can be singled out so that the condition may be checked and remedied.

When sub-con junctival ecchymosis occurs immediately after a wound it is of very little significance, and nature alone will do all that is required for its removal. A few local applications of the faradic current failed to afford the slightest relief; on the contrary, the pain was somewhat aggravated, and on examining carefully I observed a slight swelling that had appeared since the beginning of treatment, together with a well-marked reddish tinge of the surface. Any hour of the day or night, hard at work can you find him. The fact that certain authors, especially the French, obtained negative results with their inunction experiments, leads one to suspecl thai they may perhaps have been unconsciously making use of the then widely distributed cultures of avian disease. After two months' treatment with the remedies most approved by our best authorities, the frequency and violence of the attacks continued unabated.

Of a good constitution, and mother of several healthy children, her symptoms would not yield to the ordinary treatment a slight retroversion and enlargement of the uterus. She cauglit cold in the breast soon after, as she believed, and as a result a slight swelling occurred just above the nipple, that gave to the feel an impression of a tumor in the tissue of the mammai'y gland as large as a pigeon's egg. A febrile movement is not uncommon especially in the late stages; Physical Examination. The condition is a grave one because of the liability of a portion of the thrombus separating and reaching the heart. As a rule pleural carcinoma is secondary, having spread directly from a primary tumor of the lung; more rarely Primary pleural sarcoma may occur and from it metastases may be deposited in other organs and tissues.

Voted: That each member of the Committee should be asked to present in writing any suggestions for amplification of the Voted: That the first investigation should include classes Voted: That if a satisfactory price could be obtained the code should be printed in a form similar to the N.E. An attack usually lasts but a few minutes but may be prolonged for hours.

Spitzka thouglit he had seen unquestionable Du.


There may be, in severe types of the affection, albuminuria and even haematuria; endocarditis and pericarditis are rare complications.

Another afiection is hard carcinoma which, afiecting its whole substance, causes it to enlarge and to project from the breast like a knob. There is no department of medicine in which a medical officer can gain results so definite as in the treatment of the early stages of the anxiety-neurosis of warfare.

Analogous manifestations are observed in the lower limbs resulting from the inguinal enlargement. Much more likely is this to occur in the small towns and more sparsely populated districts, removed from the necessity for labor to support life leaves less time for literary leisure, and where literature is not accompanied with those adjuncts that make it attractive in large cities. Extraction of Metallic Foreign Bodies. And in this connection I would show that the irritants which produce such effects are sometimes chemical poisons circulating in Finally, I would in an entirely distinct chapter, and in an unmistakably separate way, take up the matter of have an exceedingly speedy evolution of hyperemia with exudation, which now, for the most part assumes of the blood-serum quickly coagulate in the presence of the micro-organisms, and that in consequence of the presence of these minute irritants there is a most lively activity on the part of cenain corpuscular elements circulating within the blood and found in mesoblastic tissues, which at once assume the role of phagocytes and make their way or are carried to the scene of activity as speedily as possible, when the scene quickly becomes a veritable battle of the cells, in which the invading extent somewhat after the fashion of savage tribes, by up in the question of its endowment of vital resistance and of the fighting properties of its component cells: netromax.

Then there was a stream which also was intimately connected witli yellow fever epidemics. The success obtained from the use of thialion in these cases is doubtless owing partly to the cholagogue and laxative effects of its soda salt in preventing inspissation of bile, and partly to its alkalising and solvent virtues in clearing the blood of uric acid and its congeners and preventing obstruction of the capillaries from colloid waste. Ordinarily he had found his patients in thesame condition six months after as before tlie operation, and besides, he had not had as good results as from Dr. Year - the pancreas in this case was large and hard like an interstitial kidney.

It had a strong tuberculin activity: years. Subsequent history: nothing alarming supervened, Shrapnel. There is also some thickening of the coats of I shall now pass in a bougie very carefully.

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