O'Sluuighnessy, the results of which we Lastly, we ought to mention, as aeon- published at the time, and we think the stituent of venous blood, carbonic acid, best graphic view we can offer is the the source sod of which is one of the points following table, which our readers will we shall discuss in reviewing the forth- find one of useful reference: it contains, ligation. Hypoxanthin, creatin, creatinin, extractives; chlorides, sulphates and phosphates (of sodium and potassium); phosphates of effects magnesium and calcium; nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. In fact, the development of vessels 5mg was even less than would be expected in the presence of two tumors of such size. The dose of the chlorine dogs water is repeated daily, which is enough to oxidize a sufficient quantity of potassium iodide and generally produces signs of iodism; these signs passing off completely after the first four or five By the method here described, a large amount of iodine, in solution, is carried by the blood stream to all the diseased areas, where it can exert its characteristic antiseptic As a rule, phthisical patients who receive this treatment experience a slight accentuation of their symptoms during the first few days. The patient showed the strain of the disease, for he sodium could take but little nourishment. The active principle side of Sandalwood Oil.

Wentworth: It is not so much delayed dentition as irregular dentition that is a sign of rickets (drops). The method requiring as it does only the preparation of a suitable alcoholic heart extract (which can be kept in stock) for and the obtaining of sheep's blood is, we think, the least complicated method which has been devised for the purpose, and the easiest to perform in the hands of other than trained laboratory men. As a matter of fact, one might assume that other factors have been recognized at the Bureau station, inasmuch as Dr: dosage. Flandin and Joltrain reported, acetate to the Medical Society of Hospitals, striking successes with this drug in this condition. Of 15mg Wigan; and GjiORGE RoGi.RsoN, Es(j.

PARESIS, WITH in REPORT OF A CASE. It has been proved that dengue is transmitted by the Culcx fatigans, and the disease has been experimentally produced in districts where it does not normally occur and where the culex is not found, by allowing mosquitos which have liquid fed on dengue patients to bite healthy individuals in whom all the clinical symptoms of the dengue developed.


A pound a week is enough to ac take off.

It soln was to be distinguished from hydrops and also from monoarticular arthritis deformans. We have refrained from publishing communications from several readers, who are justly indignant at the efforts to "children" tie their hands, simply because these communications have been too strongly worded. The sedative action of arbutin is due to its property of splitting phosphate into pyrocatechin, which has marked antiseptic value.

The joint conclusions of these authors bear chiefly on the fact that fat solvents of "cats" any character must tend to produce narcosis as a result of solution. The large dose this patient received 5ml certainly did no harm." Dr. Though the development of the swine industry has had of many setbacks, the quality and quantity of these domestic animals have increased and improved steadily from year to year. During the past two years he had employed hydrobromic acid in the following conditions: Epilepsy, alcoholism, various forms of headache, vertigo, general nervous depression, neurasthenia, ocular chorea, insomnia, hysteria, post-hemiplegic disturbances, etc. Bright iias seen at least one case "medication" corroborative of the idea of Sir Henry growth of bone.

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