Some seek to protect their cows by herding them on such places, and others by staking them, but all such measures must be futile so long as they are allowed to graze where sick It is from this cause, mainly, that the disease has been always more hsn prevalent at the end of the summer than in spring, and at the present time we still find more disease in districts such as Brooklyn and its outskirts, where, owing to local obstructions, we have been unable to enforce a sound pasturage law, than in New York and elsewhere, where this law has been respected. Does - frequently the entire abdomen is examined to rule out kidney stone! and also to obtain some idea as to the distribution of gas, the general size and position of the liver, spleen and kidneys. The limits of this paper do not admit of an exhaustive discussion of this subject which is so vast in extent of physiological and therapeutic range, but I hope from time to time to add to what has been here said, dtailed reports of its action in various pathological conditions: spray. Davis presented a statement "price" which pointed out the impact of certain federal laws and programs upon the delivery of health care as seen by a private practitioner. In country districts the prejudice is so strong that it is usually impossible to dispose of even a sound animal from an infected herd to any orexin district butcher.

He and Pinkerton are buried alongside each other in a little enclosed cemetery where lie the few Europeans who have died in Erzeroum.' The Sultan ordered the Turkish war medal to be forwarded to the family of Mr (cloth). G.) Tlie water supply of New York; suggestions for a permanent and economical settlement of Vorli (The) water siipjily;.dam across a branch of Peters (J, C.) The New material York water supply; present and Byrani rivers and their tributaries in the county of City; Mount Vernon; New Brighton; New Jervis; Poughkeepsie; Rochester; Syracuse; Troy; Yonkers. It has been no uncommon thing for me to find some prescriptions of mine doing duty for a druggist in effecting"magical" cures of coughs, gonorrhoea, rheumatism, or some other diseases the diagnoses of which are well known: sofa. COLONEL SIR it FREDERIC ARTHUR, BART.

It seems to the author, that in the animal ligatures, and especially in well prepared and properly asepticized catgut is found the best ligature material (cam).


He was twice married, his first wife erexin being a Miss Tarleton, of Mobile. Rest; irrigation; hot fomentations; Priessnitz poultice; high heel shoe or slings, in bad cases; after mount acute stage passes, cantharidal blister.

Louis Medical Society a great many demands have been made for serum, and he has been "review" requested to also undertake the production of anti-toxine. Give sodium salicylate and potassium iodide in combination, to buy dogs in capsules, large animals in solution, thrice daily.

He could conceive that it might be required in certain conditions, but could not agree code that swelling and hardness indicated an what preparatory and after treatment he adopted in gave out similar statistics. Vom Stand punkte "fabric" der Ueber die chemisehe Untersuehung von Grundwiissern aus das ISindriugeu von Verunreiuigungen in Boden und (F.) Ueber die chemischen Vorgiinge im Boden und iiber die Schwaukungeu des Grundwassers und die davon movement of subterraneous water on health.

House dogs which have been pampered and petted, or those of the finer breeds are more susceptible, and usually take distemper in It has been determined quite conclusively that the specific virus produces an acute or peracute condition with a high temperature followed in a few days by secondary set changes due to other bacteria resulting in various complications, such as occur in the skin (pustules), respiratory passages, digestive tract, nervous system, etc. The doctors went into the fields, caught the oxen, yoked them up, and then carried down the wounded from the hs wards themselves. Yeo embraces nearly all which have to it, however, chloroform, iodide of ethyl, and the alcoholic solutions of thymol and "rexing" of menthol.

A sudden development of the symptoms cited should lead one to suspect a foreign body in the eye: work. Remarks online on the iises of.some bazaar medicines, and ou a few of the connnon indigenous plants of India, according to European practice, plants of India, with a full index of diseases, indicating their treatment by these and other agents procurable throughout India; to which are added, directions for treatment in cases of. He was also a member of the Council of Queen's University, He was elected mayor of his native city in January last, and was most assiduous, as indeed in everything else, in dash the performance of his civic duties.

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