Intestinal obstruction due to a band which had caused constriction of the intestines with a partial volvulus found. It further colour of arterial blood in a gradually deepening band from above downwards. These observations upon the early stages of inflannnation were to be indirectly produced through the medium of the central nervous system.

No work was too menial, nor pay too small, as he struggled for the means to reach the desired end. Frank, namely the surprising frequency with which primary optic atrophy, often with bitemporal tablets hemianopsia, accompanies the encephalitic polyurias the diabetes has even been looked upon by some as a cause of the optic atrophy. My experiments farther showed that practically all the beta rays were and that most of them were absorbed by one-half this thickness. The necessity for primary amputation in the majority of cases disappeared, many hmbs and lives were saved, and the treatment of these injuries Its success in this particular class of cases naturally suggested and even urged the extension of the principle to others, and it was not long before an opportunity occurred of employing it in a case of psoas abscess, an afiection from which at that period few adults recovered, while it was only slightly less fatal in children. Where the granulation -surface is extensive, skin grafting should be employed. To meet this conception of future medicine, medical schools must provide facilities for the broader application of their teachings. When one goes to a physician, he seeks physical help. The period when delirium develops is usually about twenty -four hours after admission, and is due to the withdrawal of the accustomed stimulant and to general starvation of the nervous tissues.

This conclusion is entirely in accordance with my own experience, which, while it has convinced me more and more of the safety of chloroform if properly given, has impressed me deeply with the necessity for more vigilant care in its employment than is But an overdose of chloroform may be caused by attention misapplied, as well as by want of attention.

Widespread caseation is the most commonly found change. All tablet letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription or advertising department of ttie Journal, should be addressed to the undersigned. Brought to hospital, abdomen opened and pocket of pus behind cecum evacuated and drained.


One of the first things which I tell my patients, who come to my tuberculosis classes at the Massachusetts General Hospital, is that they must bring the other members of the family for an examination. While in this community the disease is commonly regarded as a medical affection to be treated along the lines which Dr.

This respiratory disorder, to which is given the very expressive name of traction (tirage), commences most frequently, as we have said, at the use same time as tho first paroxysm of suffocation, or it may precede this a little: paroxysm has occurred. The swelling is soft, pendent and persistent, expands rapidly and moves gradually (from one part of the body to the other) and is attended with a burning sensation and Memorable Verse: -The aggravated Doshas of the body confined in the stomach (Amisaya) give rise to a swelling in the upper part of the body. In both cases the Council felt it its duty to direct the erasure of the name of the accused practitioner from the to which they attach their professional signatures. It is true not all will agree with' this report in every detail, but it represents the hat best thought of those best qualified to deal with this question at the present time.

Those of South America being the numerous progeny of a few horses left by the Spaniards during their early The troops of wild horses in South America have been described by travelers as immense, and one writer affirms to have seen as many as ten thousand in one herd. He says that in Barnaby Rudge, there is displayed a profound and perfect knowledge of the psychology of the criminal classes, and the progressive spread of crime to the masses from them. They had established a new system of examination, which was nothing short of a regeneration of their work of teaching, and had jnst held their first examinations under it: roclav. I had excellent success, but the acetozone was very expensive. Virchow has recently been on a brief visit to Hissarlik, where his old friend Schliemann is still engaged in explorations. UUngavie; John Creighton Hutchinson, Kilrea; John Robert Clark, Cobourg (625). It should be employed as all other muscle cramps, vertigo, intense cold and aching in limbs, apathy, abortion, loss of wneatina and dry ravenoos hunger, tetanic spaams of f DosrT Chcafcx Yor astir It is just as wol cuous giving of advice and an a s pers e ial data, is a careless throwing away of what is the very brat the shrinking, dilated pupils.

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