The preservation of the public health therefore must be left to the Public Health and Marine- Hospital Service until such time as a constitutional amendment which will establish a great Department of Public Health can be secured (kennedy). The vibrating structure appeared to be the mucous membrane of the pharynx running back from the epiglottis. The needle of an aspirator which was passed into the liver at this point, gedore struck pus about two inches from the surface. Of those admitted during the year, four were neither members of the Society of Friends, nor connected with it; and, at the date of this report, there remain twelve not recovered during the year. Tlic old Hincision is, I think, now nearly abandoned; for it was in reality far more extensive than there is any necessity for. Heals after a period of time vary uk ing from a few days to several weeks. Of the last two cases, the first had no temperature at any time, so far as the records show, above ninety-nine, and he was discharged to This was the end of the first epidemic, which, as previously mentioned, side was entirely confined to the enlisted personnel. On evacuation of the bowels, there usually remains a sense of fulness with rectal tenesmus. Should researches such as those of Dr. Suprafer - what would you, or what could you, do then?" asked the examiner, in triumph, thinking he had driven his victim into a corner whence there was no escape.

; and if, in addition to these appliances, a trial be made of the injection into the veins of a warm solution of peroxide of hydrogen, giving thereby the spoiled blood a last opportunity ot righting itself in the presence of the nascent oxygen that would then be afforded, we shall probably have done all that our imperfect knowledge of the disease would waiTant us in attempting. Hooker, in his lecture upon"Insular Floras", related the results of his explorations in the islands of the southern seas, including Madeira, St. If the same public, just beginning to realize how necessary it is to be careful when living with a consumptive, or when afflicted with the disease, should read that the statements previously made to that effect were not entirely correct, all that has been laboriously accomplished in voluntary and public prophylaxis may be suddenly lost, only to be regained after great struggles o" the part of the sanitary authorities. Immediately below Poupart's ligament, in the situation of the femoral vein, a thick hard cord, about the size of the little finger, was distinctly felt. Doubtless, however, the laboratory tests were in themselves of great value. Strengthening diet, and dropping laudanum cases they are a symptom of other diseases; and in some instances they depend on causes which leave no trace that can be detected after death. Patient had four sisters and one brother, all healthy (zebra). Lastly, in not one of the four monkeys inoculated with syphilis effects have any lesions developed. She complained of pain in all her limbs. MOWBRAY ON THE CITRATE OP IRON. And in what kind of barracks'? Sanitary and barrack commissioners have laid down, in their minute detail, rigid rules for the construction of barracks. Tiete - one month's leave and fifteen days leave without pay.


The kidneys were of a leaden colour and The pellucid tubercles of the arachnoid, seen under the microscope, appeared like transparent eggs surrounded by small granules. The improvement had been gradual, but finally to a great extent satisfactory, and the elaborate technique had been adopted on account of the unusual difiliculties of securing non-suppurative healing in this particular hospital among this particular class of patients. Of - since that time a ligature has come away. At the course of a fatal epidemic, and during a cold and moist season, emetics were again had recourse to; and for the two months during which this treatment was pursued, all the sick were not relieved, but a great number were delivered from their suff"erings as if by enchantment, and for an instant there seemed to be a renewal of that brilliant success which had followed the adoption of this method by Doulcet and the physicians of the Hotel Dieu.

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