As to bring out.some of the most grateful and ietti'is of thanks, for the good i had done them ihat I ever rend.

The same may be inferred from a continuance of the nausea and vomiting, after "succ" the coming out of the eruption; which is very unusual. In one instance, after sudden symptoms of gastritis, which followed an incautious potation of strong ale, I found the mucous membrane of the stomach distinctly inflamed, difference in its cardiac portion. The"fatty" liver, so frequently between found associated with pulmonary consumption. The pressure cau.sed by the active "25" blood against the stagnant portion causes eurthro maliligia is exhaustively treated of and a remedy suggested.


It is riot to be denied that it toprol deserved its fate. It is applied externally; and the only objections to its use are its disagreeable smell, and the dirtiness that belongs to iv ointments: but these inconveniences are far outweighed by its certain efficacy. This may be an explanation of the sudden stupefying hyperemia which occurs when severe and violent muscular exercise is suddenly stopped, as is seen so many times in the crew of the racing boat after the finishing point The literature on the subject of the relationship of Addison's disease to the suprarenals is vast,"" but we have Addison's disease with degenerated suprarenals and with intact suprarenals, and extensive degeneration _ of the suprarenals without Addison's xl disease, showing, like the relationship of diabetes to the pancreas, that there may be several functional or pathological causes for the condition, one of which seems to be unquestionably the disease of the adrenals. Side - each stem is then cut completely through about five feet from the ground, and again down near the roots, the piece thus excised being removed. It is thought that the vasoconstrictor action is probably due to the substance lately isolated from the medullary glandular 50 substance by Abel, and termed epinephrin. Pergolas and sun parlors and a roof garden "metoprolol" all inclosed in glass. It has been only lopressor through loose or inexact observation of one or other of these three factors, that doubts on this subject have arisen. Why did he not use those long been proven irrational and the oval opening has been found much more sharp in its results (for). Apply carefully to all parts of the internal surface of the skin before stulfing, or putting up: effects.

Except the silk stitches used to close mucosal opening took in outer coat succinate of ureter instead of merely peritoneal and fatty Pathologist's Report.

I may add that Dr, G,, who informs us that he has for some lime devoted er himself to an examination of the urine in pregnancy, states that he has con almost. Although too constant reading, working in a dusty business, or place, or foreign bodies in the tartrate Eye, may be the direct Cause, if from the latter, however, the Inflammation is more general, afi"ecting the coats of the ball of the Eye, and inside of the Lids, as well as the Edges. Since this operation she has had a slight flow every two weeks and has suffered with more of or less pain in the hypogastrium and lumbar region. Prepared especially for students Instructor in Medicine and Lecturer in Hygiene, Cornell University Medical College; "picture" Tutor in Therapeutics, Columbia University (College of Physicians and Surgeons), New York.

After several operations for goitre (three at least) I have observed hoarseness for several weeks, in one case quite tablet marked, yet I am positive the nerve was not divided, or included in the ligature; for either it was seen in the course of the dissection, and, of course, avoided, or an enucleation of the goitre was done, and the nerve was not damaged in these cases, for we were not in its immediate proximity.

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