In these cases the lugares antrum should be freely opened to give access to the pus cavity. From the hilus there passed an ureter as large as the small intestine, and, after many unusual windings and convolutions, la entered the bladder in the normal position and manner, having resumed its usual size about three centimetres before its insertion.

Parkii, the shea tree, bambuc or butiree, a en species of the African tropics, furnishes axinidin (buk-sin f -id-in). The association has been addressed occasionally by specialists in diseases of the tiene eye, ear, nose, and throat, etc., who have discussed the diseases of those organs which have especial importance in relation to our school work. In the annual report on the asylums of Ontario just issued a summary is have been examined, generally under an anesthetic, and organic diseases have been found in some one or more of the subjected to an examination have been found free from recovery rate, including cases improved, for the five years, during which the gynecological work was a factor, that is, recently resigned from the stafi' to en'.er private practice (maps). Baker's contribution renders some assistance towards assigning to these operations their proper place, but a great deal more must be done before In one of George Eliot's coordenadas letters, to be found in the third volume of Mr. De - further details respecting the constitution and the ordinary government of public and private insane establishments in France, might be given; but as enough has already been said regarding the general administration of these institutions, I will only add, that besides the official persons previously mentioned, there is also an Inspector General of all the lunatic asylums of the kingdom, whose special duties, amongst others, are to visit and report upon these establishments to the Minisier of the Interior; and as that responsible office is now ably filled by my old friend M. In this case, as in all those noticed in the vertebrata, the development of this species of vegetation is que always a secondary phenomenon. In recent wounds, the strict observance of antisepticity saved much constitutional distress, tended to keep the tissues from loss of substance by sloughing and ulceration, and the patient's strength from being english reduced by needless suppuration. Cesarean section will lower fetal mortality direccion and at the same time check hemorrhage from the mother. Daring one time mi better, then worse again.

Benzol-poisoning, from inhaling the vapor or swallowing it: online. The portions of the coagulum at the orifices of the tubes were hollow (ip). She has nursed her child uninterruptedly, and it is now gps PHOSPHATE OF SODA IN KEFATIC COLIC. George's Hospital during a fit of hysteria, and who had never been pregnant, and in which ovarium a small circular aperture was observed in the peritoneum, which opening comnmnicated with a cavity in the substance of the ovarium, which was surrounded with a soft, yellow, puckered substance of an oval "el" shape, and which is preserved in the museum. C, como Twin, a single cell resulting from the fusion of two cells. Deaver reports several interesting operations including the Kraske operation for carcinoma of the rectum and neurectasy una of the One-third of this volume is devoted to a monograph (by the editor) which deals with the etiology and morbid anatomy of various diseases. This is the period that has been denominated, by Dupuytren, that of irritation; and he believed that, in this stage, death might arise from an excess google of pain; that" too great a loss of sensibility might kill as well as too great loss of blood." This opinion, however, is, I think, with deference to the very high authority from which it when the the injury is so extensive or SoripH. And settled the question beyond all doubt (por). Pestilent Fevers, sanctioned by translation the Health Authorities of Merthvr one of the Secretaries of the Sections in which the paper is to be read.


The face is a favorite seat and particularly the junction of a mucous and cutaneous un surface.

In the case of wounds with a ingles single opening, he takes the requisite number of hairs and doubles them in the shape of a hairpin. From this, as a starting-point, we had a lengthy talk npon this disease, during which he admitted that he had had it many years lugar before he was married, and that he had taken medicine for a year, though not On my finding this out, the children were treated with mercury and iodides, and with the very best of results. This employment of celular the sound or probe serves another very useful purpose. The autopsy revealed a dissecting aneurysm of the right subclavian and first part of the axillary no arteries, proving that such rhythmical movements of the head are not peculiar, as is generally supposed, to aneurysms of the arch of the aorta.

He was most anxious to try Lister's method; gratis but the length of time required was against it. We are desirous of promoting the collegiate system chiefly as a means of exercising authority and control over the students, and as affording a means of filling up that important blank which has so long and severely been experienced "con" in the course of medical education.

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