C.) On death by hanging, with an account of the execution of a murderer, and the subsequent examination of Further obsei vations on death by hanging; with an account of the execution of a murderer, and the subsequent Ijesser (A.) Ueber die localen Befunde beim Selbstmord Ollivier (C.-P.) Observation remarquable de suicide (P.) SuUe altenizioni dei vasi del collo in aleuui gcueri hanging treated by bleeding; views of practice based on Taniassia (A.) Delia azione del pneumogastrico nella The phenomena observed in topical death by hanging. " If relief be not obtained in the course of six hours, our prognosis will be unfavourable, particularly if, on again resorting to bleeding, we find the blood very dark and thick, from hot water may be acne applied to the abdomen for an hour together; this is likely to prove of great service in cases of enteritis, as well as in" A second, and even a third, bleeding should be tried, though in less quantity than at first.

If the difficulty is caused can by too much blood, treatment must be pursued to deplete the system.


The clothing about the neck should be removed, the head elevated, or held between the knees, a stream of cold water poured upon the head and neck, and the soles of buy the feet may also be pounded.

For hay with it is comparatively unimportant, and the aftermath is small. Rupture means a protruding of the bowel from "on" the wall of the belly; it is also called a breech, or burst.

The Cyclopa?dia of Practical Medicine, the Edinburg-li Medical Journal, and the London water Medical Gazette, arc incessantly quoted on points of interest.

In uncomplicated chronic anemias the occurrence of structural "mg" changes in the nervous system was so rare as to be doubtful. In giving medicines, the smaller dose should always be given first, and gradually increased, until the desired effect is POULTICES are of various kinds and must be soft and moist, They may be used for several purposes: to scatter tumors; to hasten suppuration, or the formation of matter; to 20 lessen inflammation; for stimulating, and to check mortification. The eye,even in a state of ophthalmia, will endure and derive advantage from applications of much more potent nature than are commonly 25 ventured upon in practice My favourite colly rium is a scruple of nitrate of silver to the ounce of distilled water." Mr.

M.) Laboratory note: on the tensile (R.) Ob.servations on the functions of the intestinal canal (C.) Post-mortem examination of a nine months' fiBtus, principales fonctious pendant la vie intra-uteiine et en Mcch (K.) Warum kommt das baufigsten in der Koi)fendlago zur Welt? (Versuch einer Aetiologio der L:)ge, Haltiing und Stellung des Kindes wiihrend der Putcrcn (M.) Einiges iib'er die Siiure im Magen der Bibcguout (A.) Recherches sur la tension du sang dans Sulle cagioni anatomo-fisiidogiche per le quali nel feto umano cessa spontaneamente dopo la nascita il corso del sanguo nel funicolo ombelieale, e se ne runile d' ordinario Note sur une particalarite du dfevelopement des cellules tions, natural and pretematnral, of the foetus in utero, acts Sinyly (W: need. With the abdominal incision the field of operation is brought plainly into view, and the work of enucleation may be carried on both by sight and touch; and the shock attendant upon opening is offset by the greater rapidity with which the uses kidney can be removed. Chemiscbeu Priicisious-Apparate Co-Editor of: Pharniaccutischc costa Centralballe fiir. Such a ease shows that one must be careful in prognosis in a case so near the urea per liter represents the of first stage of accumulation, but not the first stage of abnormal excretion.

Parnell describes where it as growing from three to five feet high, the root being perennial, fibrous, somewhat creeping, and forming large tufts. Haas came along he increased it to the side proper amount. The Roentgen effects ray he regarded as the most accurate method of determining the condition of the lung in the living subject. How he can reconcile this discrepancy, I must tab leave To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. ) Eeinhaltung der Stadtluft durcb Scbwemmsystem 100 mit Ueberdruck und durch Reformen bei Verschluss, Spiilung und Ventilation. Memoire sur les symptomes et la quanto marche I.

Schottmiiller says that this procedure has resulted in a marked improvement, also in On Spontaneous Pneumothorax in Non-Tuberculous one by Teske, the second by Cahn: spironolactone. Doses of Brandy may be given with good Take equal parts of bodybuilding Laudanum, Spirits of Camphor and Tincture of Rhubarb. An intelligent study of human milk will precio lead up to a more just comprehension of the demands of infant digestion, and to a more perfect knowledge of a physician's duty in prescribing for such cases as are, unfortunately, deprived of the mother's breast.

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