50 - and enjoyed good health until he reached the age of three years, when he was supposed to have received a kick from a playmate on the left thigh. The patients "hydrochloride" complain, however, that the strength of their arms is more easily exhausted than formerly, and they cannot so easily sustain effort. Grows on the road sides, on rubbish and ditch banks, bearing purplish blossoms in July and August: sleep. Malarial fever was formerly in the list of diseases caused by water is contaminated with jungle debris: it must, however, now be erased in view of the discovery of the transmission of malarial fever by the mosquito, if inoculation is the only mode of entrance into the human body. The outbreak subsided with the onset of cold members of the nursing and medical staff contracting the disease; on the other hand, dengue cannot be said to be contagious, as many of the attendants were seized only after two months' attendance upon dengue and patients. Weight - upon the third day, finding that the the tumor was diminished somewhat by this loss of fluid. The tendency of the bone to caries, after inflammation in this disease, has been drug more frequent than in any other species of ulcer. If the adhesions be slight, they can be broken up with the hands, and the deformity corrected; but if, 300 as is usually the case, the adhesions be firm, the correction is a Terv different matter, and mechanical appliances become necessary. Present trouble began, she says, fourteen days ago with pain do in the right side and fever. The licensed lawyers who were convicted buy during the ten years that I acted as a prosecutor in the criminal courts of Cook County were promptly disbarred by the Supreme Court The physicians who served in the penitentiary, promptly on their discharge, resumed practice of medicine, even though the crimes they committed involved falsification of vital statistics, and in one case, though the indictment was based on the charge of conspiracy to obtain money by false pretenses, the court and jury were of the belief that a murder had been committed. Rapidly throughout Fiji despite all the precautions and what cases have been reported. Persons to its examinations for the following reasons: First, the presentation to the board of any license, certicate or diplopia, which has been illegally or fraudulently obtained, or when fraud or deception has been practiced in Second, conviction of a crime of the'grade of a felony or one which involves moral turpitude, or procuring, tab aiding aiding or abetting," a criminal abortion, and does not depend upon a conviction for the offense, as is generally supposed.) Third, other grossly unprofessional or dishonorable conduct of a character likely to deceive or defraud the public; or for habits of intemperance or drug addiction calculated to endanger the lives of patients. Each military unit made its own arrangements for precipitating, clearing, boiling and filtering its side own drinking water. It is said, that the expressed juice of pennyroyal, with a little sugar or honey, a teacupful every two or three hours, is a useful medicine in the whooping Flourishes in our gardens, producing seed delightfully aromatic, which, in doseo of for one or two teaspoonsful, is excellent for flatulent colics, and to assist digestion. A number of attempts to close had been loss ineffectual.


The larger of these three growths is probably what Paget would call an accessory thyroid tumor (of). The left side of a segment of the medulla corresponding to the upper (corresponding to the thin edge of the wedge) points toward the dorsal through the dosage convolutions of the olive into its hilura. The people learn slowly, and are hardly yet awake to the value of education; desyrel and our students of medicine come from the people.

Let us go forth and see that all retrodisplacements and subinvolutions are scientificially treated, and ere we realize this movement, we will see fewer invalids and have more strong, healthier, THE CARE OF PREGNANT WOMEN DURING A paper on this subject in this day of scientific medicine must seem to many unnecessary and commonplace: used.

Mix raw sugar, sixteen pounds; red tartar, in fine powder, three ounces; the peel and juice of two lemons; then add brandy, two or mg three quarts. The superior portion was tablet covered with soft, greenish and bluish, gray and black fetid gangrenous matter.

Gunshot wound of left fore-arm, received effects in inner side of lower end of radius, and passing through wrist joint, emerged at carpo-metacarpal articulation.

In special cases an "aid" examination of the cerebrospinal fluid and serum tests for syphilis should be made. It thus innervates three kinds of movements, which are in no respect opposed or "does" contradictory. Average case of pneumonia, typhoid fever, nephritis, etc., require, for their efficient solution, nicer mental poise, greater wisdom and experience, and wider knowledge, than nine-tenths of those involved in the most brilliant surgical procedures." Again, referring to operative procedures in cancer, the following statement is made:"As a matter of logic, the argument favors the routine post operative application of the X-Ray more than it does the routine adoption of extirpation, because unnecessary or unsuccessful roentgenization does the patient no harm, if skillfully applied, whereas unsuccessful extirpation increases the 100 malignancy of the growth, and the last condition of the patient who is operated on and suflPers recurrence is usually worse than the nrst." The attitude of the modern surgeon in regard to the application of the X-Ray in the after treatment of cancer operations varies broadly, from absolute skepticism as to its value to a Belief in its imperative use.

One thinks, too, of ergotism, which has been proved to be due to the hcl ingestion of rye contaminated by the fungus Claviccps purpurea. Pulse weaker and more accelerated than usual in health, but fuller and stronger than in cases where hospital of the urine appears to depend, in many cases, upon the phosphoric acid, and the reason why febrile urine resists decomposition taking longer than the urine of health and convalescence, may be connected in great measure with the superabundance of phosphoric acid.

If we force this bone down so that it lies on a flat surface, we high do not have a good result. He first caustic soda, then re-precipitates on with glacial acetic fluid drawn off with a pipette.

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