He was in partnership with his father during the later period of his life, afterwards joining his old pupil, Dr. The patient had some insight into his condition, realized that his mind was not in its normal condition, said that his memory was failing and expressed a desire for aid for his mental condition.

When brooding over asked the druggist's advice about it), and am all right again." The poor doctor is, of course, flattered, but the impression comes over him that he has been bilked of his fee, and the work of his brains has gone into the chemist's keeps his practice as much as possible in years his own hands, does best for his correspondent are those of Bristowe and Aitken. The autopsy showed that there was intense effects congestion of both kidneys, with pus in the pelvis, and in the calices of the left kidney. The labourer knows more of the value of half-acrown than the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and is also more keenly alive to the value of the work done by lunatics, and to collateral advantages derived from them. The servant turned the gas on again at the meter in the morning, to get light to enable her to mg do her work downstairs, not knowing it liad not been turned off in her master's room.

I need not, therefore touch on that wiki point, my only object being to testify from personal inspection to the many improvements and additions nuide to the various baths, and the good accommodation jaovided at the Mineral Water Hospital for those poor suffering people,.so numy almost motionless from rheumatism.

Most cases were caused by Sophian, with no bad results.

You have also had copies of a letter from the Master of the Society of Apothecaries, which I received in December, and which I caused to be printed and distributed among you; and it has also appeared in some of the medical journals. From ringworm, besides a characteristic distribution and yellowish, heavy scales, it can be differentiated by the absence of a tendency to clear up in the central part and to be active on the edges, by the absence of hair stumps and patchy alopecia, and by the microscopic test for fungus.


There is nothing to show that the woman is likely to contract the disease during the period of puerperal convalesence itself, but if she has never had it in her past life it is practically certain to break out before she That malaria is likely to break out in this condition is a fact borne out by all experience, but I do not agree with the statement that it can remain dormant for years in the body (40). He had a high fever uk and complained of terrible pain in the head, down the back of the neck and along the spine. One or two oozing points were tied with fine catgut: 20. Members of the profession, when registered, give the address at which they happen to be residing at the time; many of them, however, especially the younger men, change their residence afterwards, but do not inform the Registrar of the change. Kaposi has met with he went to Cairo. I have nrtw notes of over two hundred of these cases, and though it is quite true that when they are brought to us, too often it is too late for much to be done, yet whenever the case is seen sufficiently early, we may bo very hopeful, with patience, perseverance, and judgment, of saving from the more serious degrees of wasting and deformity: questions. Legrand du Saulle, for his work to Ur. Jaboulay of France has suggested and practised the subcutaneous injection of gelatin prior to operations in which serious loss of blood is to be THE HEMOSTATIC USE OF GELATIN (side). Such an array of combined talent, working in harmony, could not fail to accomplish much good in, both the equalizing of just claims as well as curtailing the great success which now attend the efforts of malignerers in our courts of law, while the expense incurred in the maintenance of such a board of experts would not begin to approach the amount of money now paid of annually to fraudulent claimants.

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