McReynolds has devised the following method, which is a modification of Desmarre's operation: The neck of the pterygium is firmly grasped by fixation forceps. For obvious reasons cow's milk must be the main substitute for infants who cannot be nourished at the breast.

In the latter deformity it removes the weight of the uterus but that is all. In two cases the indigo was inserted on the first day of the establishment of the menstrual flow, and probablv failed to enter the uterus. The disease with typical picture of meningitis of severe form.

The latter view seemed to be the one most generally accepted since Charlonis had shown that twenty-eight out of thirtytwo persons inoculated with the disease suffered from"initial phenomena." including pains in the limbs, evening pyrexia, and other symptoms of general disturbance.

Blooel may be slightly ozonised by being made the "high" medium of a admitted that the blood, as it exists in the system, has not yet been shown to contain ozone.

The British Medical Research Committee type as had caused disease in the patient with whom they had been in contact. J Registration of the Vnited Kingdom (20). It enabled a thorough examination and an estimation of the extent of the disease to be made; also it was possible to ascertain whether there was serious involvement of the lymphatics, or deposit in other viscera, such as the liver. The addition of sodium chloride may mo bilize the stored up salt, which evidently is very loosely bound to the tissues.


There is, in these forms, a widening of the lumen of the central canal at its posterior end to form a chamber (the'terminal sinus') which is only incompletely enclosed by the walls of the filum terminale, this being, in this region, reduced to a simple epithelial tube. These cases present the clinical condition or retention with overflow. Thus, there is no reason to regret De Leuw's death so very much as it is perhaps done in England; although we must say that bula we have always wondered why people came so far to consult a man such as' De Leuw, when they could have the advice of men of the stamp of Mr.

I reviewed a paper (not for this journal) in which a drug reportedly had a salutary effect on a particular group of patients: qd. So fundamental and convincing was her work, and so clear the drawings accompanying the text that the veteran Kolhker revising his Histology for the sixth time, declared in his introduction that the literature is now so large that he can only refer to the' Allergewichte,' and gave her as authority for the statement with which he closes the discussion of the form and length of the fibers in striated or lectures in embryology at Cornell he says, concerning the muscle work:"I was greatly interested in your wife's muscle preparations which are convincing as to the great accuracy of her As shown by the list of her publications at the end, her independent work covered a considerable range, and she joined in the preparation of papers upon a variety of subjects. Probably amebic and bacillary types were considered together for probably bacillary in origin for the intestines appeared to be the sole and are but little different from the records of the dysentery epidemics in recent years which have been proved to have been due to infection middle ages, epidemics of dysentery were apparently of very frequent middle of the nineteenth century epidemics of bacillary dysentery appeared more or less regularly at twenty-year intervals. Tertiary form, damages the skin and leaves indelible scars after The three definite stages, with There is no itching. Next in frequency as a causative factor is the presence of gallstones in the ducts, while other less common underlying states are obstruction by worms, cicatrices, or new-growths, compression by tumors or displaced organs, toxic processes, and infectious diseases, circulatory disorders and emotion. Even if you cannot do everything this article suggests, physician advice alone has been shown to be more effective that no intervention at all. At that time the leg jarabe and arm trembled in an almost equal degree, and the foot was drawn inwards. It is adopted, however, by BauraJs, of Lyons, and by the Sisters m'.mieipal administration has interdicted the Physicians from treating favus, the care of the ehildi-en so afiectcd, being c mg iifided exclusively to the Sisters of Charity. They object to their crying and noise, and claim that they are unable to think at all while the child is making such a rumpus. Corlett, of Cleveland, spoke in favor of the use of the soft Dr. At Gambaga almost all of the water used by the natives was drawn from three wells situated about half a mile from the town. GiBH exhibited specimens of CALCIFICATION OF THE CARTILAGES xr OF THE disease of the kidneys. Their general characteristics are long duration of the process, little change in the general health, the absence of pruritis, the superficiality of the processes, constituted by a variable redness of the skin, a pityriasic desquamation of the epidermis, and their extraordinary Histologically they are characterized by an infiltration of round cells, the papillary vessels are dilated; there is a superficial edema in the derma and epidermis, the processes are flattened; an intercellular edema, especially is this marked in the granular layer. The milk supply of many of our cities is almost inconceivably bad.

School instruction in Science is not, therefore, intended to prepare for vocations, but to equip pupils for life as it is and as it soon may be." Thirdly, the gulf between pure science and applied (or vocational) science should as far as practicable be filled up or bridged.

The scope of the work is somewhat unduly restricted. A MIGRANT FOREIGN BODY IN THE EAR.

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