Used - the intestine contains a water-solul)le substance which can be easily extracted from it by repeated washing with saline. If not successful in correcting any trouble of the cervix, and there is any discharge, vaginal injections are to be used, and for some days before labor is expected antiseptic injections are used once a day. If not specifically md answered he can form an opinion as to why it is not. After twenty-four to seventy-two hours "list" individual dewdrop-like colonies are visible.

I will quote no authority, although I mat peat what has been written many times he: simply appendicitis as I have found il in the home. In the first place it was found that both drugs employed were slightly more toxic by the subthecal than by the intravenous route: zypine. For similar reasons I advise a preparation of the xyz so-called oil of male fern, saponified with senega, and suitably fiavored. The ducts of the pancreas may be dilated, or compressed, or completely obliterated Calcareous deposits in the excretory ducts, giving rise to obstruction or obliteration, may be found, or there may be an accumulation of secretion and consequent dilatation. THE NEW YORK STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY.

According to the author's' experience two hours' fixation is not enough, three or four hours is very good, and with every hour after five hours the result becomes less satisfactory.

Given a case of valvular disease that must be subjected to operation, the chances are bettered with an anesthetic than without it, as the pain and mental shock are worse for the heart than of the articular end of a bone. Was there ever such a specimen of" how not to do it?" Just now the medical teachers of London are very much concerned about the facts I have named above, and no wonder their best men are leaving them, going off to inferior schools, because the metropolis with its unrivalled facilities for education is unable to crown the edifice with the recognized distinction. It is sometimes made as the last; or by mixing clarified honey with cold cream, Camphor Balls, for rubbing on the hands, after washing small gallipots, so as to form hemispherical cakes.


He found, what indeed was well known already, that corrosive sublimate forms with albumen an inert coagulum of albuminate of mercury, and that this coagulum was then soluble again in an excess of serum. Her desire for objective sale symptoms due to methods taught as to so-called precision led to the frequent suggestion of new symptoms to the nosophiliac mind of the hysterical. When denervation was accomplished by crusliing the nerve, the muscles regained both their voluntary force and their power to respond to galvanic stimuli several weeks earlier than was In a large number of systems in the animal organism the potassium ion may be replaced, as far as function is concerned, "uk" by all the other radioactive elements. I think I can speak without bias on the subject, being a graduate of two prominent universities in this country, and having subsequently passed through the entire curriculum at a London school of medicine. It is commonly believed that the solid staining bacilli and certain of the liarred and granular types are avirulent, but the author's experiments show medication that this is by no means always the case. This was repeated twice, at intervals of two to three minutes, making three applications of the drug. The endotheUal cells become so distended that possibly they eventually rupture, and so the freed parasites are able to infect new cells. Mild cases of nonspecific ophthalmia yielded easily to treatment, and were cured from a few days to two weeks, while gonorrheal cases ran a severe course and lasted from two to three months. Coupland reviews the foreign literature covering this same subject, and furnishes a great deal that is more positive.

One gave a history of having eaten for years only beans, is oleomargerine, and tea biscuits. The hip seems to be very rarely affected. Saccharose does not reduce copper hydrate, and when it is to be determined by the aid what of Fehling's solution it must first be changed into invert sugar by boiling with dilute acids or by the action of the enzyme invertin.

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